Friday, July 18, 2008

Jumpcon Refund Watch - Day 3

Okay, day 3 is here and still no refund from Shane Senter and Jumpcon. I've been reading different forums and blogs and I hear that a few people who had purchased smaller $ amount tickets have gotten refunds (and I'm happy that you did) but I haven't heard of a refund over $100. I'm looking for my $850 refund and it has not come yet! I have not received any other communication from Shane or Jumpcon.

So, now my question is, what recourse do we the fans have if we don't get the refund? Can we sue? Can we lodge a complaint with the police in Milford, NH? Is there anything they can do? I've never been in this situation before? Any media people out there that could help? I emalied "Help me Hank" but only got their auto reply back saying "Thanks for emailing and if we're interested in your story we'll contact you." Are there any lawyers out there that could give a little free legal advice here? How do we go about this? Any superheroes out there that could swoop in? Where is Stan Lee? We need you!!!!

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