Thursday, July 31, 2008

Doctor Who

The Doctor Who Season 4 finale airs here in my area tomorrow night! I can't wait to see what happens! I also heard a very disturbing rumor that I haven't researched yet, but is it true that next season will really only be like 5 specials and not a full season? Please tell me it's not true?! What am I going to do without my Dr. Who fix? I heard Torchwood might be a short season as well! Ack, what has happened over in England to cause such a thing - have the Slitheen taken over?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jumpcon - A Refund

Yeah - I received a refund today for my Jumpcon purchase but it came from my credit card company and not Jumpcon. So, still no word from Jumpcon or Shane and I personally doubt I will ever see a penny from him.

To all of you out there still waiting for refunds for the Boston Jumpcon or any of the other Jumpcon events I highly recommend you contact your bank or credit card companies to try and get refunds. If you've called and they said they couldn't help - call back and ask to speak with a supervisor. I know it sucks that we have to do all this work to get back what is rightfully ours, but no one else is going to fight for you - so call!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jumpcon Refund Watch - Day 14

Hello Everyone,
I have made it back from a week's vacation up in Wells Beach, Maine. We only had about a day & 1/2 of sunny weather but to me a bad day at the beach still beats a good day at work!

As for Jumpcon and a refund - still nothing! Not a peep of communication from Shane Senter. Nothing new on the Jumpcon website, no updates, nadda! I did talk with Paypal again today. They still haven't opened my claim because it was over 90 days. I'm still being told that there is a possibility that if enough people log complaints they may open it for people beyond the 90 day window but they couldn't/wouldn't tell me how many complaints it takes before that would happen. The woman I spoke with (who was very nice by the way) said it is an automated process and she didn't know what the limit was. She did suggest I contact She said it's a place to report internet fraud. I haven't checked it out yet but will when I get a chance.

I also contacted the credit card company that I used through paypal. The 1st time I called I was very rudely told that there was nothing they could do for me. After talking with the customer service person at Paypal she suggested I call the credit card company back and ask for a supervisor. I did that and it sounds like they will be giving me a refund. They said they would credit my account in 2-4 business days and in the meantime they would be trying to contact Jumpcon as well to get the refund from Shane. Good luck to them!

So, my hopes are high that I can at least recover the money from the credit card company. Thanks to everyone who left suggestions for me in the comments of previous posts. I appreciate the help and support.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jumpcon Refund Watch - Day 4

Still no refund and no communication from Shane and Jumpcon. I have emailed again, tried calling but it just rang and rang, no answer at all.

On a happier note we had a fun time at the Fancon in Boston yesterday. We had a group of about 20 people come and hang out. We had one man who came with his full size, working, handmade replica of R2D2! It was amazing!

We also had Mark Goddard (sorry if I spelled the last name wrong) who played Don West on Lost in Space come and spend some time with us. He was very gracious and kind and it was so generous of him to come (and he wasn't paid).

A big shout out to the folks at United FanCon. They did a fabulous job of organizing and getting this little con going. We can't thank you enough. You are a first class operation and it shows!

As for Jumcon Refund Watch - It's going on hiatus for a few days. I had some family who heard about me not being able to afford a summer vacation because I lost all my money to Jumpcon and they have offered to let me come to the beach in Maine with them instead. I'll let you all know when I get back if the refund is waiting for me.

Best wishes to all of you heading into Boston for the weekend!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Heading to Boston!

I'm excited that I'll at least be able to meet up with the fans that are trying to organize their own con today. See posts below for info. I'll only be able to go in for the afternoon, but I really wanted to give my support. I'm also going to be donating the handknit Spock doll (pictured in earlier post) to their charity auction. So, if any of you are in Boston or close enough to come in and join us, please meet us at the Hilton Back Bay on 40 Dalton Street in Boston!

See you there!

Jumpcon Refund Watch - Day 3

Okay, day 3 is here and still no refund from Shane Senter and Jumpcon. I've been reading different forums and blogs and I hear that a few people who had purchased smaller $ amount tickets have gotten refunds (and I'm happy that you did) but I haven't heard of a refund over $100. I'm looking for my $850 refund and it has not come yet! I have not received any other communication from Shane or Jumpcon.

So, now my question is, what recourse do we the fans have if we don't get the refund? Can we sue? Can we lodge a complaint with the police in Milford, NH? Is there anything they can do? I've never been in this situation before? Any media people out there that could help? I emalied "Help me Hank" but only got their auto reply back saying "Thanks for emailing and if we're interested in your story we'll contact you." Are there any lawyers out there that could give a little free legal advice here? How do we go about this? Any superheroes out there that could swoop in? Where is Stan Lee? We need you!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life hands you lemons, make some lemonade!

For the latest information on the efforts to create lemonade out of the Jumpcon lemon, please visit

Ex - Jumpcon Customers Hold Their Own Con With Help From United Fan Con!

Randolph, MA. – July 17, 2008 – United Fan Con Inc., a small not-for-profit fan-run group located in Randolph MA, has stepped up to givethe fans in Boston the fun-filled weekend that they were anticipating.On Tuesday afternoon, July 15th, the Milford, NH based eventpromotions company, JumpCon LLC, cancelled a large Science Fiction /Pop Culture event scheduled for this weekend July 18th-20th at theSheraton Boston Hotel. This is a second time in the last two monthsevents like this have collapsed at the last minute, in June Fed ConUSA in Dallas , TX canceled the rest of their show during the actualevent itself.United Fan Con has been producing fan-run events in Massachusetts forthe past 17 years and knows when events are canceled like this itleaves a bad taste in everyone's mouths; it hurts everyone involved:actors, agents, hotels, other promoters and especially the fans. Thistime it is different, a lot of fans that were planning to attend thenow canceled Jumpcon Boston have rallied together to put on their ownmini convention. It started with online forum posts discussing thesituation and then moved to the realization that many people werestill coming to Boston regardless of the JC cancellation. These fansdecided to organize and started planning a mini fan event. UnitedFan Con stepped in to help the fans make it happen, giving the fansthe funds to rent space at a new venue and use of any and allequipment and supplies needed to host an event. In addition UFC iscontacting actors, agents and vendors with the hope of making this anexciting weekend.This Fan Con will be free to all attendees and include; games,videos, fan panels, auctions, vendors and more. The event will takeplace at the Hilton Back Bay, located at 40 Dalton Street, Boston MA(directly across the street from the Boston Sheraton). The event willrun from 3pm – 10pm on Friday, 10am – 6pm on Saturday and 12pm – 6pmon Sunday.Here is what is being said about the fans efforts:"It's really cool that you are trying to help these poor fans". -Bob Catalano, Westland Productions"I hope you can make something happen with the fans, thanks for doingthis." Julie Catlin Brown – Illumina Productions,"How nice of you to reach out and see what can be done. We greatlyappreciate your thoughts and willingness to try and make somethingpositive out this fiasco Thank you". Erin Gray - Heroes for Hire.What we need is you, the fan, to get the word out! Tell all of yourfriends and tell us how you can help. This is a true FAN CON!If you wish to help plan this event please join us at

Jumpcon Refund Watch - Day 2

Well, I see that Shane has posted a very heart felt sounding notice on the Jumpcon site. I would love to believe him and feel sorry for him but at this point I need to see some action before I can do that. I can't trust you again Shane, not without some proof, and that proof needs to come in the form of my refund.

If anyone who reads this has received a refund from Jumpcon yet, please post a comment here and lets see if there are any actions to go with Shane's words.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Update on Jumpcon

A few moments ago I did receive an email from Jumpcon saying they are working on issuing refunds and they will try and update us as they can. Lets hope the communication continues and the refunds are sent.

Jumpcon is a Fraud!

I am so upset right now. This big scifi convention that I've been talking about for months has been canceled. I have not been contacted by Jumpcon even though I purchased Emperor's Club tickets (the most expensive ones they offered). The only reason I know the convention is canceled is because I happened to check their website this morning. If I hadn't I'd be getting in my car and leaving tomorrow only to find out at the hotel that it was not happening!

This is the announcement they posted:

I called the hotel this morning to cancel my reservations and was told they have not had any official word from Jumpcon either. They read the same message I did and that's how they found out.

The message says they will refund the tickets, but no word as to when or how. I've tried calling them. Left 1 message and now when I call you can't even leave a message because the mailbox is full. I paid for my tickets back in March through Paypal and tried to log a complaint with them. Sadly they said they can't do much seeing their policy is you must log a complaint within 90 days. They will keep my complaint on file and if they get enough other complaints then I may be eligible for some sort of reimbursement. So if any of you bought tickets to a jumpcon event through Paypal, please go make a complaint!

So, it's looking like I'm going to be SOL on the money unless Jumcon honors their word and refunds the money.

On top of this though, I feel bad because I helped promote Jumpcon to others. I was so excited to have a big scifi convention in the area and I so badly wanted them to succeed that I did everything I could. I posted flyers and postcards around local comic shops and other geeky hangouts. I talked up the con everywhere I could and I hope no one booked tickets to Jumpcon because of my efforts now!

In the end I guess I can chalk this up to the life lesson of "if it looks to good to be true, it probably is." Jumpcon promised what sounded like the ultimate in scifi convention experiences and in the end it tuned out to be nothing more than a scam.

Shame on you Shane Senter and Jumpcon! You have ruined my summer vacation and I will not forgive you (or forget)! I implore you to refund our money and end this debacle with at least a crum of self respect left in place!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


As I mentioned many months ago, I'm heading to a new scifi convention in Boston this month. The convention is called Jumpcon and I can't wait! I get to see actors from Star Trek, BSG, Dr. Who, Highlander and many other great shows.

I even created a new line of jewelry to wear to the con. Maybe I can get one of the BSG people to wear it for me for a photo. :)