Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vintage Aprons – Who Knew?!

Who knew that vintage aprons were so popular? Okay so probably lots of you knew but I didn’t until just recently. Back in January I bought a lot of about 40 vintage aprons. I had visions of doing crafty things with them, making embellishments, sewing cupcakes on them, etc. Well, as it happens with many of my crafting ideas, I just ran out of time and never ended up doing anything with them.

So, when craft shows started up again a few weeks ago I decided to decorate my booth with the vintage aprons strung across the sides. I already had a kitschy kitchen feel going with some of my other display items and figured the aprons would look nice. I was right, they look great strung all together hanging from my tent and within hours of them going up at my 1st show I had people asking if they were for sale. At first I said no, they’re just for decoration but I was quickly overcome with the requests and seeing I had a large stash of them from my initial lot purchase I started selling them. Would you believe they’ve become my #1 selling item at shows right now?!

More than just the sales though the aprons just seem to have some magical memory powers. Every person (and it’s not just the women) who comes in my tent and sees the aprons shares with me some story about their mother or grandmother and their fond memories of aprons! I’m having so much fun listening to everyone that I think I’m going to have to make the aprons a permanent part of my booth just so I can continue hearing the stories.

Maybe I’ll start writing them down and I’ll share a few with you!

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