Friday, June 13, 2008


A couple months ago I found a website that I have become obsessed with. It is and it's a place for anyone who likes to craft to come and share ideas, questions, tutorials, inspiration or just chat.

One of my favorite parts of the site though is the swaps. These are organized swaps where you pick a theme (usually) and you then get a partner and you craft a certain number of items for them and they do the same for you. If anyone knows me even a little bit they know that I love themes, crafting and getting mail - so this was just perfect for me.

So far I have finished 3 swaps, a postcard swap, a Star Trek swap and a Doctor Who swap. I'm currently in 3 more; a Star Wars swap, a Jim Henson swap and one called the little visitor swap.

The little visitor swap is a bit different. I took a toy robot, made up a name and cute back story for him and mailed him to a girl I was partnered with who lives in Australia! She in turn sent me a little stuffed animal dog. So for 2 months we go around taking pictures of our toy wherever we go (work, movies, trips, etc) and at the end of the 2 months we make a scrapbook of all the pictures and then return the toy with scrapbook to its original owner and get our toy and a scrapbook back. The post below with the picture of the felt food shows my little visitor - the dog chappy. It's been a lot of fun. People look at you a bit strange when you take pictures of a little stuffed animal wherever you go, but who cares and just think, my toy is in Australia! I wish I could have gone too!

The other swaps have been just as fun! Here is a picture of one of the items I received as a gift in the Star Trek swap! A hand knitted Mr. Spock! How cool is that.
If you'd like to see what other wonderful things this crafty lady makes you can check out her Etsy shop at

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