Friday, March 28, 2008

Shhh, Sneak Peak!

I'm working on a new craft that I haven't quite decided how to finish it in the end. I'm taking one of a kind original vintage photos and placing them inside vintage spoons. I've then added a layer of resin to seal the photo in and give it a glossy liquid look. I think I'll call them ancestor spoons.

What I haven't decided yet is if I want to cut some of the spoon handle off and turn it into a pendant or turn them into ornaments. I like the idea of pendants but some of these spoons have such lovely handles that I hate to cut them off. Then if I go with ornaments, do I bend the handle back or do I drill a hole in the handle and hang them straight?

I've been waiting for a nice long weekend before I start playing with trying to cut and drill the spoons to see how they'd look, but the photo attached is one of the prototypes. What do you think? Handles or no? Pendant or ornament?


JammerSage said...

Ok, that is seriously one of the coolest ideas I have ever seen. You are so creative! I love it! My first thought was...OOH! SPOON PENDANT! but then reading I thought, how cool the ornament would be.

I think you should do BOTH ideas! The cool spoon handles as ornaments, the not so cool ones cut and curl into pendants.

So cool! Cant wait to see more! :)

Carey Lynn said...

I like the ornament concept---with the spoon handle intact! Lovely work, U&O

tatsuko said...

Lovely! What a great idea! I also thought it was a pendant, but the ornament idea is wonderful too :)

Hobocamp Crafts said...

awesome! You could always bend them so they are very flat and maybe string ribbon through it and create an ornament or a pendant.