Thursday, March 13, 2008

Out of the Closet Geek

Okay, if you were walking down the street and bumped into me you would never know that inside I'm an scifi geek. I show no outward signs, I don't wear my Star Trek uniform, I don't carry my Highlander sword around with me - but I am a geek! Yes, I'm admitting it here to the world. I love scifi and I love geeks!

There I'm officially out of the geek closet just in time to tell you about a super cool new scifi con coming to Boston in July! It's called Jumpcon and I am so excited about it. The guest list is huge and I have already bought my ticket! Check out their site for more info but let me babylon (babble on - you Babylon 5 fans get it) about it for you.

One of the coolest features of this new con is that you have the opportunity to have a meal with the guest of your choice. You and 9 other fans get to sit at a table with your favorite star and enjoy a semi-private conversation over a buffet dinner.

Yes, I've already reserved my whole weekend's worth of meals:
Friday Lunch with Kevin Sorbo
Friday Dinner with Adrian Paul
Saturday Breakfast Nichelle Nichols (Breakfast with Uhura - does it get any better than that!)
Saturday Lunch with Robert Beltran
Saturday Dinner with Connor Trineer
Sunday Breakfast with Eugene Rodenberry
Sunday Lunch with Bruce Boxleitner

I'm sure I'll be talking more about this as it gets closer (yes that's right, 4 months of geek chatter) but for now I'll just dream of roasted chicken with Adrian Paul!

Hope to see you all there - you know you want to - come out of your geek closet and join us!

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