Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gocco Experiment #2

I’m getting better with the Gocco! Yeah! This is Dalek print try #2 and they turned out a zillion times better now that I’m using the paper ink on paper. I fixed the other newbie mistakes as well. I didn’t take the original off the master right away and I used a steady, stable surface to print on.

I tried printing these on a couple different paper types. I took some pages from a Doctor Who book and printed on those. So far it’s my favorite – I love the look of the image over the text. I also printed on some silver card stock. The cards had a bit of a glossy sheen to them and it took the ink twice as long to dry on those as it did on the book pages.

I came up with a great idea for what to do with the prints on the book pages. I’m in a Doctor Who swap on Craftster right now and I’m going to make this for my swap partner so I can’t share it here yet, but if you’re a Doctor Who lover – you’re going want one too!